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Message from the JSP President

Welcome to JSPia!

Yorimasa Ogata,
President of the Japanese Society of Periodontology

Dear Periodontal Researchers and Periodontists Who Have Studied in Japan:

Have you immersed yourself wholly in studying and conducting research on Periodontology in Japan? Or have you experienced substantive clinical practices? On behalf of the Japanese Society of Periodontology (JSP), I sincerely hope that your experiences in Japan became valuable and unforgettable as they bring you to Japan again.

You must be in a leading position and be active in the fields of Periodontology and Periodontics in your country. JSP aims to promote oral health in global level by disseminating the understanding of periodontal disease and controlling the disease in cooperation with you, and also hopes to keep in touch with you.

For that purposes, JSP established “JSPia” as a network for those who have studied Periodontology in Japan. It is a fee-free network and the only needed information for membership is your e-mail address and names of your mentors. By taking opportunities of JSP scientific conferences and other international conferences, we plan to hold events for you to renew your old friendship, meet new peers/friends, and share information on research and collaboration with other participants.

Your participation is welcomed!


  1. The activities of the JSP (academic meetings, updating of English-version website, etc.) are distributed by e-mail to establish the personnel basis for enhancement of international exchange activities.
  2. A reunion party is planned in the JSP/Asian Pacific Society of Periodontology meeting to maintain attention/interest to the JPS.
  3. Activation of international sessions at JSP academic meetings is promoted.

Member registration

Member registration should be made based on the recommendation by an individual's mentor who is the JSP board member.
Three categories as follows are prepared.

  1. Student member; present post-graduate students in Japanese Universities
  2. Candidate; former post-graduate students in Japanese Universities
  3. Member; former post-graduate students in Japanese Universities who agree on being a member

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact with your mentor in Japan.


  1. Membership fee: Free
  2. Contact address: Secretariat of the Japanese Society of Periodontology
    E-mail address;

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